VENOM Street Defense Inc
 " From Kali to KFM to Venom, evolve."
We are a full time Academy teaching the VENOM Street Defense program.( Formerly Keysi Fighting method Winchester Academy).We are located inside the Sportsplex in Winchester Va. VENOM is the result of years of experience training in the reality based field with some of the best instructors in the world. Training at our school is realistic and hands on as we always drill full speed realistic attack scenarios and response drills. We prepare for real street assaults from single and multiple attackers.Training is held inside and outside year round to prepare students for the actual urban environment they would use it in. The level of contact increases as the students skill and control increases until training is FULL Contact. We offer both full contact and semi contact classes for men and woman!  We also offer fun and exciting classes for children that teach them not just self defense but how to actually spot,evade, and if need be defend against and escape a potential predator or attempted abduction.  Contact us to schedule a free trial !!

VENOM Street Defense is ultimately about PROTECTING life not destroying it. It is a  used to develop your Self Knowledge and Self Cultivation. Our Curriculum Covers the following areas of study:

Mental Skills:

  • Awareness and Living a Safe Lifestyle
  • Proper Mindset and Predator Instinct
  • Judicous Use of Force
  • Post Incident Management

    Empty Handed Training:

  • Kicking Range
  • Punching Range
  • Trapping Range
  • Clinch Range
  • Standing Grappling and Takedowns
  • Ground Fighting (For the street- No Stopping & locking while someone else stomps you)
  • Weapons Training:

  • Tactical Knife
  • Tactical Pen
  • Tactical Rings
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Single and double sticks ( KALI )
  • The belt
  • Street Kunai
  • Blinding tactics ( coins, chemical sprays, distraction items)
    snakebite defense
    viper fang
    coil grip
    multidirectional skin rips and tears
    small knuckle strikes
    biting and eye pokes
    Combinations and flow drills of all of the above.
    V pattern and footwork drills, angles of attack, blindsiding


    Against strikes, grabs, locks and takedowns.


    Multiple attacker training( simultaneous) Car defense ( inside and outside of vehicle) table & chair defense ( any typical social setting) stairway and parking lot defense and training.

    Semi contact and full contact training with and without weapons are required for rank advancement. This is a basic overview of the program.

    CAPOEIRA SEMINAR JUNE 8th ( seminar will last two hours exact time will be announced very soon. )with Instructor Jose Canchan with the Capoeira Candeias Group! !! Venom academy will be hosting this Capoeira seminar to kickstart our new Capoeira program at our school! This seminar is open to the public and all venom students ( adults and kids) Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that blends music, martial arts and dance. Cost is 60.00 per adult, 40.oo per children. Discounts for anyone who gets a friend to sign up for the seminar!! Seminar needs to be paid by May 10th 2014! Limited spots available!!!!

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