We are a full time Academy offering a variety of street defense & Martial Arts programs to the public. Venom Academy is a full time studio located inside the Sportsplex in Winchester Va. ( private academy entrance at the back of the Sportsplex please do not contact Sportsplex staff for info contact us as we are a separate business ) VENOM Academy offers people the chance to learn solid self defense skills in a positive and friendly yet challenging atmosphere. We offer both morning and evening classes for adults and children! Our kids program offers fun and exciting classes that teach children not just self defense but how to actually spot, evade and if need be defend against a potential predator.  
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                                  Street Defense Program

Our Street Defense program is ultimately about PROTECTING life not destroying it. It is used to develop your Self Knowledge and Self Cultivation. Our Curriculum Covers the following areas of  study:

Mental Skills:

  • Awareness and Living a Safe Lifestyle
  • Proper Mindset and Predator Instinct
  •  Use of Force
  • Post Incident Management

    Empty Handed training 

  • Kicking Range
  • Punching Range
  • Trapping Range
  • Clinch Range
  • Standing Grappling and Takedowns
  • Ground Fighting (For the street- No Stopping & locking while someone else        stomps you)
  • Weapons training ( children only train with sticks under close adult supervision, all other weapons listed are for Adults only)

  • Tactical Knife  
  • Tactical Pen
  • Tactical Rings 
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Single and double sticks 
  • Street Kunai
  • Blinding tactics ( coins, chemical sprays, distraction items)

  •  You will also learn.......

    *  Multiple attacker training( simultaneous) 
    *  Car defense ( inside and outside of vehicle)
    *  Table & chair defense ( any typical social setting) 
    *  Stairway and parking lot urban scenario training.


     Capoeira is a Brazilian art form that combines martial arts with music,movement and Afro/Brazilian culture. Capoeira is a martial art that grew from pure survival. It was created by slaves who were brought to Brazil from Africa during the colonial period. They hid their martial art and traditions into what appeared to be simply a dance. Many still see Capoeira as just a dance. That is indeed exactly what the slaves wanted their oppressors to think since practicing any type of combat was forbidden for fear of revolt.  

    Capoeira is actually a very effective and dynamic martial art. The Afro Brazilian people developed Capoeira not only to resist the oppressive slave owners but also to preserve their culture. Capoeira was also a way to lift their spirits while struggling to survive a very hard and cruel day to day existence as a slave. Capoeira contains quick poweful kicks, sweeps, takedowns, handstrikes, acrobatics and more. People who train in Capoeira are known as Capoeiristas.

    Capoeira Barro Vermelho Winchester is an affiliate school under the authority and teachings of Mestre Bomba of Barro Vermelho group in Washington D.C. Mestre is the highest ranked Capoeira instructor in the D.C. metro area. Mestre was born in Bahia Brazil and has practiced Capoeira for 28 years. Prior to his Washington D.C. arrival in 2008 he taught Capoeira in Bahia Brazil for 17 years and now teaches in D.C. N.Y. VA. and surrounding areas. 

    Our Capoeira program is taught by Joel Singhas who is a graduated green/yellow cord and personal student of Mestre Bomba. Mestre also visits our school monthly to work with our students personally and to conduct workshops on various topics .We are the only authorized source for Capoeira training in Winchester Va. and the surrounding communities. 

    We provide a fun and friendly atmosphere with high energy to help you be the best you can be! Capoeira is for everyone young and old, whether you are in shape or not ! You will lose weight, increase flexibility and improve cardio while having fun. No matter your situation we work with you to get you in great shape, live healthy and learn to defend yourself. Contact us for a free trial class for both KIDS and ADULTS !


    You dont want to miss this UFC Fight. Contact us for more info! 
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